Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The "Forever Construction Zone"

Our house... deemed the "Forever Construction Zone." The great thing about hosting a party is it inspires you to get your kitchens act together. Yes, I started the cabinet re-do back in July and just NOW (December 31st) did I finally get around to finishing! Sanding, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, and 2 coats of sealer all with a sponge brush and by science do I never EVER want to do anything like that again!

The original. The way we bought the house- ceiling fan, lace curtains and all! The wall paper gives me the chills just looking at it! It's really weird to go back and look at this picture and see how far we have come.

This was one of my favorite days. ripping out the cream-turned-brown carpet. Eeeew!

Can't afford a new dishwasher? Just recover it with fake backsplash tiles! Thanks Pinterest!

It's not amazing by any means, but it will allow me to live with this kitchen for the next few years until we can gut this baby. You'd think with all the work I have out into the cabinets I would never want to take them out. On the contrary... I will be first in line with the sledge hammer! >:D

The office floors were done quite a while ago. But not on the first attempt. We had many mishaps with not sanding enough and accidentally letting the stain dry on the floor all while in February with hardly any ventilation. But a couple of months later with lessons learned we jumped back in and got the job done (rather magnificently might I add).

 After removing the wall paper in there the wall color was no too off from the carpet, only discolored greatly due to the glue. Heath accuses me of always picking blue for wall colors so he insisted we do a green (his favorite color) in the office since this was his school domain. I'm in love with 'spring meadow' and pictures do it no justice. It kinda bold so I'm thinking an all neutrals scheme in the room. Eventually...

The floors were that honey-yellow color originally like in the hall. Only way more beat up. The floors turned out very beautiful in my opinion. The new baseboards (much taller than the ones from the 60's) also just finish it off nicely!

Up next before the baby comes: The BATHROOM


No pictures from Christmas... I have no excuse as to why. But New Years was a blast! Usually we host a Christmas party but before I knew it Christmas was here! We had a great time as pictures follow:

New Years kisses! Here's to 2013!


Halloween this year was not the most eventful being quite sick and all. Pregnancy took quite a toll on me physically! But I bucked up and dressed up, like I do every year, in my Flapper costume. Heath was The Dude from The Big Lebowski and little Ollie girl was a lobster! Log was also his default Wolfman and there was Franken Family and little Molly in her Raggity Ann costume. Dressing up is a BLASTY!

What time is it?! Baby time!!

This fall, September 22nd to be exact, we found out we are expecting a baby! Now as I'm posting this at 5 months along we have found out it's a GIRL! I would dare say this was the most eventful thing to happen to us this year. Even after 6 months of trying it still came as a shock to see those positive tests!

 We are so overjoyed in our new privileged of become parents. Especially to a precious baby girl. Heath is already convinced that she is a daddy's girl because he is the only one she will kick for.

These are our last ultrasound pictures and how cool are they! I can see her little eyeballs! Eeek, how neat is it creating human life inside your body. I think we have finally agreed on naming her after her great great grandmother. Even though Heath's options were... creative... Beyonce-Rhianna or Blade (to make her tough) I think we will stick with Elsie Jane Pritchett for now. ;)

Fall is my Favorite!

This fall we had a few (to say the least) great things happen! Oktoberfest this year was our 3rd annual trip. As always we had a GREAT time! We missed Mitch and Chelcie this year but it was Brian, Pookie, and Koa's first time.

We had to cut Koa off... he was getting belligerent.

 Next we have a few nature walks. Fall hikes are our favorite! Pookie and I also got into some Meditation in the foliage. Oh was a gorgeous autumn we had!